Residential Energy Code Compliance (REScheck)

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Constructing or renovating a home can be a massive undertaking. And compliance with various building codes and regulations only add to the headaches and hassles. At Breen Design, we can help keep your project on track using REScheck™ software. The report we generate will take into account the home’s envelope, including insulation, windows, doors, the roof and foundation, to ensure that it will pass local and state requirements established by the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

A Quick Look at REScheck Calculations

The REScheck program utilizes a U-factor x Area (UA) calculation that reflects total heat loss. A Breen Design expert will first enter information for each area of the home. For roofs and walls, that’s the R-value. And for windows and doors, we’ll use the U-factor. Skylights and other factors also come into play, but we’ll make sure no detail is left unaccounted for when entering your data.

Next, the software calculates and compares your resulting UA for code compliance and generates a report with your results. If you’ve passed, the report can simply be included with your paperwork for permits. And that’s about it – streamlined compliance.

And in the event that the home doesn’t meet the energy codes in your area, we’ll provide you with a few suggestions that can be implemented to enable the home to meet the required standards.

Purpose and Benefits of IECC Compliance

While codes are likely not your favorite part of building a house, the International Code Council created the IECC to keep current with efforts across various industries to improve energy conservation for both residential and commercial buildings. So, whether your project is a standard build or working towards LEED or Energy Star® certification, allowing our Breen Design team to generate a REScheck report will help you reach your goals without backtracking or potentially causing cost and time overruns.

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