Manual S Residential Equipment Selection

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Once the load calculations have been made, it’s time to find the right HVAC equipment. While this might seem straightforward, there are many variables to account for when deciding what furnace, boiler or air conditioner to install. At Breen Design, we accomplish this step using Manual S, Residential Equipment Selection. As the nationally-recognized, industry standard, it’s the tried and true method of avoiding the common issue of oversized and undersized HVAC equipment.

Correctly choosing equipment using Manual S connects and interprets a variety of information:

  • Load calculations determined using Manual J methodology
  • Performance data from the original equipment manufacturer
  • Environmental / structural factors used in load calculations
  • System requirements – heating, cooling and dehumidifying

Why Residential Equipment Selection is Important

Using Manual S, which includes sizing limits, Breen Design can help home builders avoid issues that are inevitable if you go with undersized or oversized equipment. Common outcomes include poor home comfort, hot and cold spots, humidity, excessive energy use, higher utility bills, even premature failure of the installed heating and cooling units. Here’s why:

  • An undersized unit will run too long, struggling to meet the temperature needs set on the thermostat while causing damage and excessive wear and tear on the equipment.
  • With an oversized AC or furnace, it will reach the desired temperature too soon and not allow the equipment to complete the full cycle needed for efficient and long-lasting operation.
  • Additionally, an AC unit won’t be able to reach the dehumidifying phase of its cycle, and the occupants of the home will experience cool but clammy conditions.

Overcoming the Challenge of OEM Performance Data

The final hurdle when choosing right-sized units is the lack of industry standards for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to present performance data. For example, the OEM testing results published for Carrier versus Goodman product lines and models may be presented in completely different ways.

At Breen Design, we’re not only experienced with using the Manual S, Residential Equipment Selection but well-versed in deciphering and comparing OEM data. In fact, our experts have a background in the HVAC industry. We know equipment specifications in-depth and will confidently recommend the right-sized units for your residential project, including LEED and Energy Star®builds.

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