Rheia Compact Air Distribution System

Rheia’s Air Distribution Technology aims to revolutionize how building designers specify HVAC design and installation.

Innovation in an industry that hasn’t changed in decades

Construction materials and installation methods are always changing and evolving. Innovations such as using copper to pex, blowing insulation to batts, shake wood shingles to composites, and many others have led to higher quality products, lower maintenance, and simpler installations. However, forced-air heating and cooling systems have not been innovated by connecting pieces of metal to heat or cool air until now.

With new technology comes ever-evolving challenges.

Leakage testing and software-based layouts and designs have made it harder to install systems that meet the minimum requirements and this is where Rheia comes in. Rheia’s ductless air conditioning system claims to overcome many of the shortcomings of traditional metal ducting.

Rheia is a compact air delivery system made up of a manifold, duct, connector, and diffuser components. It snaps together to form a near-airtight air delivery system without any tape or mastic.

It’s designed for the supply side (the part of the HVAC unit that supplies air) and can be installed with conventional air handlers and at typical pressures and velocities.

Rheia System Benefits:

According to their website, Rheia systems will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency by keeping all the ducts within the conditioned envelope and reducing system leakage.
  • Built-in balancing capability to improve homeowner comfort and reduce hot and cold rooms.
  • Lower installation time
  • Reduced material waste
  • More straightforward system design due to fewer parts (there are only 14 SKUs in the entire system)

In Summary

At Breen Design we’re excited when new ideas that improve upon a notoriously difficult aspect of the home building process come to market. Especially when they improve upon an aspect of the home building industry that has been notoriously difficult for homeowners to deal with.

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