Manual D Duct Sizing

Breen Design – Residential HVAC Calculations & Designs

Another important component of designing an efficient residential HVAC system, a duct and run sizing report includes system drawings showing the proper configuration for installation within the home. At Breen Design, our experts use Manual D, Duct Sizing from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) to ensure correct pressure and airflow, as well as the optimal performance of all HVAC equipment.

By bringing on our professionals to provide a no-hassle duct design for your residential project, you can rest assured that your supply ducts will be properly placed and sized to deliver just the right amount of warm and cool air to each room. No need to worry about improper ducting and branch work transferring too much airflow to infrequently used rooms while leaving bedrooms and high-traffic living spaces with uncomfortable temperatures.

Here are more reasons why Breen Design uses Manual D, Duct Sizing:
  • Maximizes equipment performance, efficiency of Energy Star® units
  • Helps to lower the utility bills for heating and cooling a residence
  • Prevents wear and tear from units running too often and for too long
  • Ensures proper airflow which reduces premature compressor failure
  • Distributes air evenly to prevent hot and cold spots in different rooms
  • Reduces pressure on seals which can leak and cause moisture issues

Rethinking Ductwork When Renovating

Beyond new builds, when a residential HVAC system will be installed in an older home, it’s best to have Breen Design provide Manual D, Duct Sizing calculations to ensure the budget isn’t wasted on premium equipment only to have the existing ductwork hinder their full capabilities. Even an advanced, energy-efficient furnace, boiler or air conditioner unit cannot overcome the limitations caused by inferior duct sizing and design. Our experts will get it right for the first time to protect both the budget and results.

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