HVAC load balancing by Breen DesignDo you have one room in your home that’s never comfortable? The room never cools down during the hot summer months and never properly warms up during the winter.

This could point to an HVAC load balancing issue.

Along with causing certain rooms in a home to be warmer or cooler than others, an unbalanced HVAC system can produce issues such as high bills from the gas and electric company or untimely equipment failures.

Determining HVAC Load Balancing Issues

It seems like a minor issue now but you could end up throwing away thousands of dollars in utility costs from unbalanced HVAC. Improving the balance of a furnace or central air conditioning unit can be done once your system is in place, but a full overhaul may be needed.

If there are home comfort issues and other potential culprits, such as outdated windows or poor insulation, have been ruled out, HVAC load balancing can be checked by you, an HVAC professional, even a contractor if you’re already fixing up your home.

The basic steps are simple. First, go to each room and find the registers or vents. They could be on the ceiling, the wall, or on the floor. With the HVAC on blowing hot or cold air, open the register to make sure enough air is flowing to that room. Do this for every room in the house.

What you should be looking for is the airflow pressure. Does every register in every room have the same airflow? If not, you might have to address issues with your residential HVAC system.

How to Check Home HVAC Equipment

Most residential HVAC systems are found in either the basement, attic, crawlspace, or garage. Ideally, the HVAC system should be in an area with open ventilation. This makes access to your system much easier. If it’s in a much tighter area, like an attic or utility closet, things could be tricky.

Once you’re in front of your system, follow the ductwork until you find a branch. These branches usually have a damper that can be adjusted using a screwdriver and potentially allow air to flow more evenly.

While you’re in there, make sure all filters are clean and there’s no dirt and debris built-up on fans and other components. You may also want to bring in professionals to check for leaks or other issues in areas that are unreachable without tearing up the drywall.

Taking the Next Step for Home Comfort

If you or a professional has walked through your HVAC system, made adjustments and you’re still having an issue with HVAC load balancing, it’s time to consider a full retrofit for your home using nationally-recognized industry standards provided by the ACCA – Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

At Breen Design, we’ll work with your contractor to design a new cost-efficient system for your home.

From providing balanced calculations for heating and cooling loads, to correctly sizing ducts for uniform delivery and recommending the right-sized HVAC equipment, we do it all – and we do it by the book.

If you’re ready to invest now and start saving on your utility costs, as well as HVAC equipment issues and early failures, contact us today to discuss your home renovation project. We look forward to making the process streamlined and hassle-free.